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The exercise of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid can be seen both as an individual as well as societal exercise. In preparing oneself individually we help the collective and it is only the collective, which can effect positive or negative change.

 Eid after all is the combination of 3 meaningful words:

 E: Embrace with open heart

 I: Inspire with impressive attitude,

 D: Distribute pleasure to all.

 “*EID MUBARAK*” Kul ‘am wa enta bi-khair! taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum   

We need to move together in the light of the spirit of Allah if we are to save our world from intolerance, disrespect, violence and greed! And it is only through a constant association with the light that we can achieve this.

 Ramadan and Lent provide a source of strength in our belief of the Almighty without which we would be lost!

 At a time when people are looking to be led by others instead of by Allah and are despairing at the seemingly constant failings of fellow humans, only Allah has not failed us.

 In celebrating this unique occasion I am always reminded of some of the writings of a great scholar I’zac Hassan

 “O children of Adam, we have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of righteousness. These are some of Allah’s signs, that they may take heed. [7:26]

 Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and be kind to parents. If either or both of them reach old age with you, do not rebuke them, but speak to them in terms of honor and kindness. Treat them with humility, and say, ‘My Lord! Have mercy on them, for they did care for me when I was little’. [17:23-4].

As Muslims all over the world, celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated after fasting during the month of Ramadan.

Muslims after performing the obligatory fasting of a month, become more deserving of Allah’s forgiveness and protection from Hell. Thus, Allah has specified for the Muslims upon their completion of fasting, a festive day in which you gather to thank Allah, glorify and praise Him. Allah allocated also on that day for Muslims to offer specific prayer (Salat-ul-Eid) and a specified offertory (sadaqah).

 The day of Eid is a great and glorious day. It is an occasion of happiness and joy. Muslims’ joy and happiness in this world is felt when you apply all efforts to obey Allah and perform good deeds that gain reward and success in the Hereafter.

 The month of daily fasting is not only a sacred duty, it is also a powerful teaching, and in many ways a gift of Islam to the rest of the world, reminding not only Muslims, but all our people, of our shared values and obligation to alleviate the suffering of those who live in poverty and deprivation. The reminder here reiterated, is that we all endeavour to build a more humane community, nation and world.

 So on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr may we rededicate ourselves in this coming year to making sure that others in this country truly understand and appreciate the faith you as Muslims embrace, its practices, its beliefs, its precepts and its inclusive humanity.

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